Developing Mobile Apps

I mainly develop apps for Android and iOS. Lately I felt in love with Flutter.

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The languages and tools I use to developing apps.
I learned them while graduating in Computer Science to University of Florence and by myself.


Framework for build Android and iOS apps


Used for developing Android apps


Language used with Flutter framework


Official Android Language


Scripting language

Node JS

Used for Backend development


Framework for Testing and TDD


Firebase Cloud service

Android Studio

Idle for Android/Flutter developing


Official iOS Language


Framework to build iOS apps


Idle for iOS developing


App used for SVG graphics


Version control system


Framework used to build websites


Stickers Creator - Maker

Simple app that allow to create custom stickers for WhatsApp and Telegram

It's my first app. I'm maintaining it from 2017 and keep updating with new features. It uses an algorithm that allow the user to cut in a smart way the subjects used for stickers.

Smart Queues

The app aims to notify people that their queue number is about to be served

  • Available for both Android and iOS.
  • It uses my SVG assets.

It shows some capabilities of Flutter and Firebase. Along with SVG animations and nice UI.

Photo Editor

An app that allow the user to create photo montages. It uses the core features of "Sticker Creator Pro".

The app is and experimental miscellaneous of UI components and algorithms, specially designed to guide the user to the making of funny photomontages.


The app is designed to offer private lessons if you are a tutor or, to find tutors that can teach you.

  • Users can chat each other.
  • Capable of find tutors near the user.
  • Tutors can create appointments with students.
  • Users can receive notifications from chats and appointments.

Created in collaboration with @Daniel Zanchi.

Water Reminder

It reminders the user to drink water.

Multiplatform app that reminders the user to drink water, through notifications. The user can track the water drank on weekly/monthly base.

My Diary

An app to write your personal diary

  • Available for both Android and iOS.
  • Users can receive reminders to write a diary page.
  • It uses my SVG assets.

The app allows the user to write a diary and add assets to it: images, gifs, stickers, audio and more. Users can also choose a theme for the app and unlock achievements to share with friends.